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Community Entry

Guests & visitors will be required to validate their reservation with security at the front gate & will be issued a parking pass. Parking passes have barcodes that will allow entrance/exit of community. 

  • Guests should be provided with reservation voucher by owner, management company, or booking agent to be presented to Security. The Rental Voucher must say that the guest has been pre-registered into dwellingLIVE. 

  • Drivers must present valid driver's license to confirm ID. You must have a valid driver's license to drive onto the property.

  • After reservation validation, Security Officers will issue each car with a parking pass to allow guests to enter/exit the Windsor Hills community. 

  • Guests must display parking passes  on vehicle dashboard, date side UP. When off property, the parking pass should be date side DOWN for security. 

These procedures are in place to ensure guests' vacations are protected by ensuring owners and management companies adhere to the Association's legal documents & membership qualifications. 


There is a five (5) car maximum per property address. All exceptions must be entered into dwellingLIVE. 


DO NOT block sidewalks & DO NOT park on streets or grass.

  • Single-family homes may have maximum of two (2) vehicles in the driveway.

  • Townhomes may have one (1) vehicle in the driveway.

  • Condos have their own parking spaces located in the front (and around) buildings.

  • Additional parking available in the oversize parking lot located off Comrow St (next to the recreation park & in front of the clubhouse).

  • All over-sized vehicles must be approved by the General Manager and:

a. Obtain an oversize parking permit at the front gate

b. Display the permit on the vehicle

c. Park at the oversize parking lot 

Vehicles are not permitted to park on the community roads, sidewalks, footpaths or grass areas.


Vehicles must park either on the home driveway or designated parking space. The only exceptions to this rule are: 

  • Vehicles may park on the road for loading & unloading purposes.

  • Vehicles servicing a home may park on the road for a short time.

  • Vehicles are not permitted to park on the roads or sidewalks at the express request of the emergency services. The community roads are quite narrow & not designed for street parking. It can be very dangerous for pedestrians when vehicles are parked on sidewalks. 

  • Vehicles that can't park on the homes drive must park in the oversize car parking area. 

  • Offending vehicles will be towed at the driver's expense if the driver ignores the request to move.

  • Boats, trailers, commercial vehicles, oversize vehicles & campers are not permitted to park on driveways or roads. 

  • All vehicles with a trailer attached should use the front gate.

  • Overnight camping is not permitted in the oversize car park or anywhere on the community. 

  • RV vehicles must be parked in the oversize car park & under no circumstances may they be used for overnight sleeping arrangements. 


*In exceptional circumstances only, the Community Association Manager may authorize different parking arrangements, but this is at her sole discretion. 


Visitors (including family & friends) are permitted into the community if the owner/guest contacts the front guardhouse.


*Please be advised that each home is designed to sleep a certain number of people due to fire code. Every properly licensed home has a certificate showing the total occupancy permitted by law. Overcrowding of homes is prohibited & violators will be evicted. 

Mail Deliveries 

Due to limited & unsecured space at the clubhouse, Windsor Hills Welcome Center does not accept deliveries of mail/post, parcels/packages, child strollers, wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs or any other items. 

Owners & guests should coordinate rental & mail deliveries (this includes FedEx, UPS & the United States Postal Service) to coincide within their arrival & departure dates. 

Packages/deliveries sent to the Welcome Center will be declined & returned to sender. If pre-arranged, many of the rental companies will deliver directly to the home. 

Trash & Recycling

At Windsor Hills, each condominium, town home & pool home is equipped with a bench-mate to store trash until it is collected. The bench-mate for your home is located just outside the home's front door. 

Trash is collected every day (except Wednesdays & National Holidays) after 7:00 AM. 

Single Stream Recycling is available at the Recreation Area. 

Owners & guest are urged to deposit their recyclables from 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM DAILY. 

Compactors are located at the corner of Comrow St & Almaton Loop, next to the playgorund on Dinville St, at the corner of Archfeld & Teascone Blvd (at the hilltop) & also in the recreation area parking lot. 

Food Delivery

We invite you to enjoy food delivery to your Windsor Hills vacation home!


We do ask that you notify our security of any orders made & the company involved. 



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