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Windsor Hills Guest Resources

Everything you may need to know about your vacation home in paradise!

Community Entry

All visitors must be pre-registered into Proptia.

  • All drivers MUST have a VALID driver's license or a military ID (with proof of insurance on the vehicle). State IDs, voter cards, passports, and/or bank-issued cards will NOT be accepted as valid IDs. International driver's licenses are acceptable if current.

  • Uber/Lyft/Taxi drivers must have a valid Windsor Hills address and a driver's license. Pin dots are not valid addresses.

  • All vehicles and trailers MUST have license plates and tags. The vehicle registration MUST be valid.

  • Guests MUST comply with entry procedures - their driver's license will be scanned into Proptia for parking pass processing. 

  • Guests must have their reservation paperwork with the property address ready for review. This can be on a smartphone but NOT in text message format.

  • Only ONE vehicle is allowed through the gate at a time.

  • Check-in through the LEFT lane at the Front Guard House.

  • Homeowners MUST NOT share their owner access card with their guests. Shared cards will be confiscated.

  • Registered Guests MUST NOT share their parking passes with their guests. Guests who share passes will be issued daily passes.

Windsor Hills Home Rentals Disney World


  • There is a three (3) car MAXIMUM per Windsor Hills property address. Exceptions must be approved by the General Manager prior to arrival or registered on Proptia before arrival.

  • Parked vehicles CANNOT block sidewalks.

  • Parked vehicles CANNOT park on the streets or grass.

  • There are only two (2) vehicles allowed to be parked in the driveway. Additional vehicles MUST park in the oversize parking lot or near the clubhouse. 

  • Registered guests CANNOT share parking passes with unregistered guests. 

Guests must comply with the community access rules or will not be allowed on the property. Please help us with enforcement and keep your investment and your community safe!

Vehicles can/will be towed at the vehicle owner's expense. If the issue escalates, guests can be cited as trespassers by the Osceola Sheriff's Department and the property manager/owner will be notified. 

Mail Deliveries 

Due to limited & unsecured space at the clubhouse, Windsor Hills Welcome Center does not accept deliveries of mail/post, parcels/packages, child strollers, wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs, or any other items. 

Owners & guests should coordinate rental & mail deliveries (this includes FedEx, UPS & the United States Postal Service) to coincide with their arrival & departure dates. 

Packages/deliveries sent to the Welcome Center will be declined & returned to sender. If pre-arranged, many rental companies will deliver directly to the home. 


At Windsor Hills Resort, trash is collected from a bench-mate just outside the front door of each condominium, townhome & pool home. Please place garbage in 13-gallon trash bags and place them in the bench-mate each morning as trash collection begins at 7 AM. Trash is collected on the following schedule:

  • Every day for the Town Homes and Pool Home

  • Every day except Wednesday and National Holidays for the condominiums


Compactors are located at the corner of Comrow St & Almaton Loop, next to the playground on Dinville St, at the corner of Archfeld & Teascone Blvd (at the hilltop) & also in the recreation area parking lot. 


Visitors (including family & friends) must be pre-registered in Proptia.


*Please be advised that each home is designed to sleep a certain number of people due to the fire code. Every properly licensed home has a certificate showing the total occupancy permitted by law. Overcrowding of homes is prohibited & violators will be evicted. 

Food Delivery

We invite you to enjoy food delivery to your Windsor Hills vacation home!
Please notify security of any orders made & the company involved. 

Windsor Hills Home Rentals Disney World
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